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Moscow River trips

Moscow River trips

All-weather boats of the Radisson Royal flotilla offer sightseeing and entertainment trips on the Moscow River with restaurant service on board all year round, following regular schedule. This route makes it possible to see Moscow’s 30 main landmarks in only 2.5-3 hours while bypassing all traffic jams on th streets of Russia’s capital. The berth is only 50 meters away from the hotel’s main entrance.
Ten excellently equipped boats are at your service: there are business-class, first class and Royal class salons available, panoramic windows and climate control, open decks and enclosed decks, trips with live music; it is possible to rent the whole boat or first class salon. These boats boast of a high level of safety, including their impact on the environment.

Services and possible offers

  • Trip duration: 2.5-3 hours (with no stops)
  • Cuisine: Italian, European, and Russian haute cuisine.
  • Services: kitchen and bar onboard; special menu for first class salon; tastings, promotions, seasonal offers and topical festive events; tour packages and family weekend trips, rent options and other.
  • Audio guides in several languages; colorful maps of the trip route
  • Shipping season: daily, 365 days of the year, as per trip schedule at the site
  • Ticket sales: online at the site, company terminals.